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Company communication is a multithreaded, continual dialogue with the environment

  • 16.04.2015

The future of every organization depends on the way it is perceived by all stakeholders, such as partners and investors, clients and consumers, employees and local communities. Currently ongoing processes connected with globalization, fluctuation of the level of trust to different institutions as a result of ongoing events, and turbulence on global financial markets prove the above mentioned thesis. Information about market events significantly influence companies’ financial results.

Robert Borowicz of the Advanced Communication consulting company, says: “We observe a vast change on the market: many companies, including the big multinational companies and smaller subjects functioning on local markets, started to perceive reputation building and taking care of it as one of the most important strategic targets. In such companies communication plays one of key roles. It is qualitatively a very important change in the awareness of entrepreneurs, because understanding the meaning of communication, understanding the internal and external processes of the company and proper communication leading enable optimal organization management and realization of business targets.”

Speed and quality of reaction is a key

Company communicates with the involved sides in a multi-channel way, having a series of tools at disposal. Direct communication, marketing, and activities in the field of public relations are only the chosen forms of communication. Shape of relations and communication processes are set by the current political, economic, social and technological conditions.

Robert Borowicz states, that: “Fast information flow, for which there are no geographical barriers, causes that a specific event that occurred in one part of the world determines the shape and changes on the global market. And one who will not notice those changes and will not react properly while communicating with the environment will be judged by more and more aware consumers, whose reach of impact has gone beyond the borders of the closest environment long time ago, all thanks to technology development and significant decline of prices of using modern communication solutions. And one who will notice the changes quickly and react properly will not only benefit in a short time, but also will positively influence the global appearance of the organization.

Most important: be ready

The scenario, in which a given company or other organization is surprised by a situation or doesn’t work accordingly to the market requirements, may occur unfavorable in effects for this company. Long-lasting neglects in communication may potentially influence the results of the company, even as a result of not using all possibilities the market gives to reach the clients with an offer. Robert Borowicz, CEO of Advanced Communication, says: “Those companies, which do not notice the meaning of communication or do not emphasize their attention to it, not only have less significant positions on their markets, but also when any complications in current business model occur, they would have to invest much more in communication and marketing to keep the market position than their current leading of effective activities would actually cost them.”

Multi-layered dialogue with the environment

Nina Żukowska, Event Director in Advanced Communication, says: “Companies which limit their communication activities only to marketing activities and basic activities in public relations lose a lot in the face of competition, which uses more possibilities given by the market. Many a time we observe situations in which activities of companies and particular departments responsible for communication are not coordinated, and as an example, company’s politics in a context of event organization and participation in business events leaves a lot to be desired or just doesn’t exist. By coherent strategy of the company in the context of participation in business events, organization of own projects in this area and proper communication, the company builds its competitive advantages. It does it as a result of not only an effective, coherent communication creating a consistent appearance of an organization, but also savings resulting from the limitation of the number of empty contacts.”

Robert Borowicz sums up: “A coherent and full communication is a key to business success. Over and over again companies lead very good communication on a few chosen fields, neglecting other, which may result from limited internal resources of the organization. For example, the companies focus on communication and product marketing, not appreciating the meaning of corporate communication which in many cases has a big potential of having an impact on sales results. In such cases support of business partners specialized in building communication and marketing is invaluable. Such investment significantly influences the market position of the company and the way it is perceived by all groups from its environment.”