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Building value: cooperation with partners and funding acquiring

  • 15.04.2015

Strategic partnership and cooperation with independent distributors are often the only possibilities for the organisation to gain access to technologies, sale possibilities, marketing, and product and/or service distribution channels on given markets. Apart from seemingly complicated process, establishing strategic partnership is often much more cheaper and effective process than given reference development inside the organisation.

Establishing cooperation with strategic partners can be divided into three stages:

  • identification of potential strategic partners of given markets,
  • participation in negotiations by finalisation of agreement concerning partnership,
  • observing the effectiveness of the established strategic partnership. 

Funding acquiring 

Growing with business partners or alone organisations need funding to: run current operational activity, develop on the given market or to enter new ones.

There are many possibilities of organisation’s funding: funding from own resources, bank loans or from other institutions, external investors, specialised investment funds, support from the government and European Union, or acquiring capital by public offers.

Regardless of chosen possibility, funding acquiring is a time- and cost-consuming process. Frequently capital acquiring lasts months what may cost the organisation a loss of appearing business occasion. That is why it is necessary to possibly effectively carry out the process which is about proper presentation of the idea in the form of business plan to the potential investors or other decision makers. To build credibility of the company it is also important to build its history, and its proper presentation in media.