Advanced communication - Taking communication to the next level

Communication is a field of significant meaning for the majority of global and smaller companies and organisations. It covers a series of activities connected with relations with the internal and external environment of organisation including also marketing management, information flow management in organizations which covers also implementation and modern IT solutions management, and participation in human resources management.

Advanced Communication:

  • prepares and implements communication strategies covering relations with media, relations with clients, with internal environments of company and any other entities interested in company’s actions,
  • prepares and implements marketing strategies for companies, products, services and visions.

Those actions allow the Clients of the company to take advantage of such services, as:

  • building complex visual identification systems for companies, investments, services and visions (creating logos, books, brands – a principle of using logo and other materials),
  • building complex communication strategies covering, above all, activities in the field of public relations, social business responsibility, or event management,
  • positioning of companies, products and services by elaboration of complex marketing plans (which covers planning and implementation of activities in the field of advertisement or sales promotion among others),
  • elaboration of complex activity plans in the Internet (from building websites, planning Internet media and activity in social media, to coordination and building or/and implementation of dedicated Internet tools (such as tools for the client relations management, mailing tools, intranet, or company webzines – internet magazines).

Every time dedicated teams, consisting of experts with at least 5-year experience in a given specialization, elaborate activity plans made for a given client, calculated for the realisation of his/her business targets.